exposing one’s greatest self

Have you ever heard the phrase "never frown…you never know who's falling in love with your smile" or something like that…?

The same thing applies to being your greatest self in my opinion. Our iddy biddy actions can seriously cause some major ripples in other's lives…

Today I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when a woman approached me about some of my most recent strides in the acting world…I started talking to her about how I'm not really into the Hollywood scene and how I don't really see me changing all that much besides the fact that I'll have a stylist…a woman in our department who's infamous for her impeccable style. I'm sitting her gassin up my fashionista friend and the woman at my desk interrupts to say that she wants to be like me. Wha? Huh? Apparently she remembered me telling her once that I love to go see films by myself. (I love the surge of independence and freedom.)

So yeah she basically said that she wants to be that kind of girl. Crazy that some little tish quirk could be inspiring…Got me thinking of other people's quirks that I admire…like my fashionista's impeccable eye, or J's ability to write fantastic and captivating pieces…jazzing up subjects that normally wouldn't survive in the same relm of an entertaining category, B's ability to balance a horrible ex husband and raising her child in a sane environment...that takes mad patience and the ability to swallow one's pride on a daily basis…

New york's ability to break down socio-political stuff floating around us, my girl Laura's ability to sing a song and give me the image of glass. She sings so smooth it's sick!, EVR's woman-ness (the gal commands respect in her career and personal life), Chele's brain, Fat's confidence…I tap into these things...

Just goes to show that you should continue to do you…you never know who's falling in love with the world that marks your character.


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