anything’s possible, everything’s inspiring

like i assume most people are i can't be totally sure, totally confident about my future 24/7. there are some days where i wake up and i know some day i'm going to be a phenomenal actress and i'm on the right path. other times i let my immediate surroundings unleash their realities on me and i can't see past my tiny apartment and student was kind of a middle of the road day.

i basically got thru work without any major annoyances and was able to come home and chill out. turns out oprah's show today was about this year's oscar nominees. i watched ruby dee talk about her first oscar nomination ever...(83 years old now), other actors discuss how the prepared for their roles and one woman from "gone baby gone" tell the audience that it was her first movie role as well as nomination. anything's possible and everything's inspiring today.

this doesn't happen every time i watch an actor being interviewed takes phenomenal performances, heart shattering moments of emotion to stir my inspirational pot and today it just happened to start simmering. oh i can't wait to unleash the beast. can't wait i can't wait! a guy asked me today what my back up plan was...sigh. some people...have NO idea what their questions can do to a gal.

sometimes i think it's the scariest move i can make and the most necessary...that is when i live in a world filled with hope that i'll be on oprah's stage some day soon amongst the greats discussing how i prepared for a role, how it feels to actually get to live out my dream. it's life least mine anyways. ; )

ya'll watch out when i visit chicago this march!!! ya better watch her show...ya never know  ; )


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