the week in review

there's this reoccuring thought that keeps poppin' up: ok tishy, you've had this life changing wake up call and you've been happy and whole, but how will you do when something pops up...

so this week i learned that the new happy and whole me is the real deal. i had this really hard conversation with someone that could have been a make or break. i realized after we saw each other and started crying and hugging that if you're gonna have hard times they're gonna be a lot easier to deal with in the end if you have good wonderful people in your life. when you put it all out there for good people they'll never leave you hanging. it's a grand feeling and i'm still whole ; )

another test: dating....

so i feel like i had this crazy experience last year so that i could finally wake the heck up and learn who i really am, what i'm capable of and who i'm capable of handling in my life. so i went a very long time without dating and recently started to give it a i met a boy thru a friend of mine and we decided to hang out this weekend. (i don't know if i'm going to give him a nickname...we'll see) for the first time ever i felt like i could stand outside of myself and look at every situation was crazy. i'm so used to rushing in heart first...dangerous maneuvering. so i had a great time meeting someone knew...i got what you're supposed to get out of a first date: the first layer of background stories of our TMI mistakes...just what we're like on a day-to-day basis. it was cool. high five for tishy and boy (wink)!

i was scared i'd never want to do it again. i just had no interest and when guys would put it out there i'd sabotage the ish out of that crap. now i know my instincts were just doing their job.

so yeah i'm dating.

tests are never something i'll seek out but i'm not scared of 'em. i think i'm doing a good job of staying grounded and focused on the bigger picture and meeting some new great people in the meantime.

i watched some flicks this weekend too including "i am legend" and am still a little disturbed. it was really good (big props to will's acting chops) but the whole idea of one person left is a really hard thing to grasp and wrap your head around. go see it folks. i need someone to talk about it with me. (and a hug)

fred clause (cute and a definite christmas worthy fam flick)

golden compass (groan)

has anyone noticed there are more current moods listed?


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