tish-esque days

so in my previous blog i mentioned a friend calling me in regards to her new relationship...i just got off the phone with fat and he opened up about some deep ish he's been going thru...not necessarily the best of situations but i'm really proud of his ability to remain clear and honest and eventhough it's hard, i know the situation will only help him and make him a better man. basically i got two good phone calls today...i was reassured twice that two of my buds are on good paths.

i'm always braggin about my sundays and today just happened to be another great tish day. i woke up and cleaned my apartment top to bottom...got rid of some stuff i was hanging on to for silly reasons..making room for the new year if you will and then watched some really great movies over a cup of cinnamon coffee. life just don't get any more tish-esque than that. i was right in the throws of the movie "saved" when my fashionista called to tell me the best random news.

let me back up. a really long time ago my gram spoke to someone that read my future (the bean lady if ya'll remember) and she said some guy would help me with my acting career...crazy but true. so fast forward to 2007, the psychic i went to told me basically the same thing...i won't be romantically linked to the man the psychic referred to as "the magician" but he'll help me find my way (manager, etc.) so yeah, i've just kept my eyes open lately and then my fashionista tells me months ago that she has an actor/model friend that she believes could help me lots but she's lost contact and has no way of getting a hold of him...fast forward to today. she happens to be at some swap meat place (is that how you spell that?) anyways she runs into him randomly and tells him about me and so they both call me and he tells me he's gonna grab my number from her and call me later this week to talk. lol....what the!? aren't my friends great?! i'm gonna call him the magician. that's his nickname. who knows if he's THAT guy but everybody in my blogs needs a nickname so there ya go. : )

i love life. : )


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