this christmas

how absolutely wonderful is christmas? so it's not a mystery i've been uber ho hum lately but all i needed was a little divinity apparently. i'm talking about the candy here.

i'm a huge mama's girl. my mo and i are thick as thieves...we've been together longer than anyone else in the fam (step dad and younger sisters) so you can imagine the sadness that hit me when i found out i wasn't going to be able to go home for the holidays. my mom, sneaky little thing that she is, decided to send me the ultimate christmas in a box to take a way a bit of the glum.

every christmas my mom goes into her kitchen, pulls out her mixer and starts making this wonderful holiday candy she calls divinity that seriously makes you want to kick back and giggle. you get a bite of christmas every's lovely. so she sent that and her world famous pumpkin bread....little loaves of goodness, decorations for my little charlie brown tree, my first stocking ever (it even says LaTisha on it) and some gifts i can't open until christmas. i got a little choked up at work when i was going thru it all. i've learned such a lovely lesson today. i have to get home any way i can from now is just too important to not be with your fam.

i need to sleep in the same room as my kid sisters christmas eve night, i need for my mo to sing us christmas carols, i need to wake up first on christmas, wake an and have her 'elf' the presents (separate 'em out for the big kids), i need dad to come out in his robe-coffee in hand and ask what santa brought us and i need to see mo's face when she opens our gifts...

that's the gift i got this year...i learned just how important christmas is what makes christmas for me.

work was a great distraction from the tears. we had our christmas shindig and i got to act like a crack head for the third time in a month's period. i get a kick out of making people crack up at can take a girl out of high school but you can never take her class clown...ness.

so it was a day of mixed joys...

i'm gonna finish wrapping gifts, eat some goodies and be merry : )

merry christmas ya'll...


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