thick skin or bust

alright....first day recap:

lol it was hard guys. i almost cried a tiny bit. i can't start this with a negative vibe though...we'll skip to the end. am i glad i did it? yes. did i learn something new about the business today? yes i did! are my friends still awesome because they were the ones that found the positive spin? yes they are!!! lol

ok so to sum it up, the wardrobe guy was a schmuck and made fun of my clothes (in a not nice way), the two other people in the room with me were mad at me for not being AFTRA and told me how folks like me are ruining it for those actually in the if i could get there i'd be there schmucks!...

i got on set and the magic started coming...i walked by a set where the old price is right stuff was stored (for some reason this was huge for me...i got a little shaky lol) and then i started looking at all the lights, the beams, the was so cool. the lights and cameras couldn't keep me happy for long though.

being in the background is the most humbling of positions. you're just looked at like a nobody and talked to like you're a nobody, well every one treats you this way except for the lovely camera men and crew. the guys were great! this one guy watching the folks on a little tv kept making jokes to make me laugh...when i'm a big fish i will remember how people acted, remember how it made me feel. i will bring goodies for the crew and spoil them in honor of the young and the restless crew of dec 2007. i'll say hello to those just starting out in the game too. that's right yo!

i got into work all ready to start the solo tishy pity party but then my friends reminded me that i have thick skin so the party was indefinitely post poned. i still plan to go out and celebrate with my friends tomorrow night...

it's only just begun...


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