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I heard a phrase today that I love: To be an architect of expansion. It's a keeper, right? I find myself hungry as a hippo to learn new stuff...which leads me to books most of the time. I'm reading this really interesting one right now (when chickenheads come home to roost) and I swear this ish is right on time!

I was giggling at my desk today, totally inspired and ready to re-evaluate the way I see myself and other melanin-privy ladies (aka sista girls aka black womenz). It's just refreshing to hear points such as we don't HAVE to be these strong pillars of strength that except the worst and define ourselves by our struggles. Who wishes for struggle?! Give me the easy life that I love and appreciate any day! ya know what I mean son?!

So yes, I'm reading this social commentary that speaks the truth and a book can't get much better than that for me. the strongblackwoman complex is only a tiny smidgeon of the stuff she covers.

I am hosting what I hope will be my best slumber party ever in January and I think I'm gonna have to share some of these lovely details with the sista girls (plus one Latina) because this is the kinda stuff you want your friends to know and understand. All girls, no matter where they come from (or how much melanin they possess) should read this book…It comes packed with an excellent perspective (at least in my opinion). The author starts out quite raw (very sista souljah language) but her points never get lost in it.

I'm soaking up the knowledge. People are coming at me from all different directions with good stuff to learn…why just today I learned the phrase "kickin rocks"…as in " today blows. I'm gonna go back to kickin' rocks" not that my day blows…hee hee.

It's been a good week. Yesterday I went out to dinner with my dear friend Bree and we did a cute little gift exchange, ate good food and came up with some fabulous guy names for the men she hates and loves most in her life (mwahahaha-you know I'm down for that!) It's just good to sit back and laugh your tail off…especially on a Monday frickin night!

Tonight I plan to watch one of my favorite movies this year with my boy D (I can't share the name of it quite yet because I plan to get it as a Christmas gift this year but in due time all the world will know this movie) I love exposing this dude to new stuff. He's totally a film nut like me so he basically loves everything…

Life's good. Oh! Something else new! One of my bosses just taught me how to create a campfire bomb from Sobe-the drink. See…you seriously learn something new every dang day! I seek, therefore I am the architect of my own expansion ; )

(and bow)


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