super life

i am not my job!

i just had to say that one more time for the people way in the back. i don't know if it was the gloomy never-ending rain, the fact that people were dumping crap on me today or the obvious duh (i have a degree in journalism--thrive off of being creative and work for an insurance company as a glorified secretary) ouch....

do you ever have these days?

a reality check like today can only be fixed with special meds....either i get my dream job perdy darn quick or this hot chocolate will magically create a surge of serotonin. more chocolate!!!

this is the first christmas that's pushing down on me. i guess i don't have the happiness of going home to my fam to back me up...bill griefs...these are the days of my lives lol. sigh...

i can't wait until i change out of the clark kent life into the super one...


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