perfect period for a sat. sentence

the best moments come from the worst of times.

my weekend started off being uncomfortable and forced...but it's turned out so well. i'm convinced i've come to a pivotal point in my life and have changed for the better in my opinion.

a good friend came out with some pretty darn important news that goes back three years and had changed his perception of me (without me ever knowing) and hearing all of that really floored me. when you try to come at everything from a place of goodness it sucks to know bad perceptions still can follow but the air was cleared and we're better peeps for it. it's good to be vindicated.

my saturday was off the chain after that kind of aha moment. i got called in to my eyebrow wax early (bat those eyes) so i hopped over to pasadena to my lovely new salon (where halle berry and tyra banks have gotten their ish done) and low and behold my lovely writer (i've claimed her as my own) was there getting her hair did. small world right? we immediately screamed and started giggling. good times seeing folks that make you happy in the best kind of ways. i've decided i need people around me that are excited about where i'm going...(if you're in it for my past and any other whack drama then gets to steppin) my writer is one such person : )

so with great eyebrows and a kool-aid face i pranced around the streets of pasadena shopping with some of my christmas mullah and found some beautiful stuff that makes me happy and gave some clothes away to goodwill...feeding the soul in a plethora of ways

the best part though was meeting up with my b--such a breath of fresh air. we grabbed some good chocolate and headed off to melrose for a date we've had planned for a week. we shopped and found some cute stuff at some boutiques for cheap cheap cheap and then went to a coffee shop and talked (real talk!) for 3 hours while sipping chai teas. do you know how blessed i am to have my two best friends? i have girls that i can talk to about anything! we talk about family dynamics, men, girl friend relationships, religion...EVERYTHING and it's so great to talk about something personal with someone-expose it all and have them come back with a nodd of understandment and support. people were coming into the coffee shop and just smiling at us and i swear it's because we had some great energy going...we got that something my gram would say.

after our coffee we came back to her home where her entire fam was (including big momma). we played board games and it was hilarious and fun and alas b and i's team lost but we had a blast and it was just the perfect period for my saturday sentence.

i can tell i'm about to come up into my own but i really have to work on the bad energies trying to bring me down. just thinking about that freaks me out but i'm ready to be happy 99.9% (realist). i'm about 90% there. ain't that lovely?! i think that's perdy darn good.

so yes, j and ms b i love you ladies so much for being in my life and helping in that 90% (you'll totally both be in my first oscar speech)

alright. sunday's my "me day" so i'm gonna get back to that. peace...(said peacefully)


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