an overzealous finger

i have been texting my best bud back and forth for the last couple of minutes and apparently have an overzealous finger that likes to push send before i'm done with a thought.

this finger is doing some darn good work in spite of its inability to text properly. i've been going thru one of my email accounts that i seriously haven't cleaned out since 2005...yeah. i just took the most lovely walk down memory some great old conversations, saw some digital photo albums i had forgotten about and hit the delete button with my little overzealous finger quite a few times. it feels good to make room for new thoughts, new memories : ) so many emails from past flirtations, friends planning weddings, acting news from my writer, friends in guyana...i know right...the emails i receive are the best! with the days i've had lately (pessimistic person indeed) it's good to know that i looked at my overzealous little finger in such a positive way.

i'm now moving on to writing christmas cards for coworkers (lots of alliteration there) and my finger's getting a work out once again...i've smudged two : ) it adds personality i think.

there are days where you feel like doing nothing-i haven't spoken since 4:30 p.m. and i love that quiet you can find the best an overzealous finger with the magical power to uncover a year or two worth appreciating : )


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