no title gasp

this is a first...writer's block is a scary scary thing

is this the beginning of the end? gulp...

i did have a very swell week. i've been a happy little practical joker. the best friend was talking about her christmas package was going out...couldn't let it go down that easy. had to get a coworker of mine to call her, pretending to be the post office and set her straight about how they wouldn't be able to pick her package up until after christmas lol...hee hee. turns out i jinxed the both of our silly behinds but it still gives me a giggle....who thinks of these things?! what's wrong with me?! ha!

last night i went and saw a friend's play off of sunset and it was really good stuff. i was exhausted out of my mind, about to fall asleep and then the lines started up and i was captivated in the ish. it's been a long time since a play could do that for me! if you're ever in the mood to just get away you should hit up the theater of's around amoeba music down on sunset...'kitty cornered and north a little' as my friend bree would say.

today is the beginning of a good weekend. i'm about to take all my gifts to UPS...mail those puppies out and then it's time to pack and head south. i'm meeting up with a new friend to do some christmas stuff in san diego and catch a couple of new movies. i've found a marathon movie watcher yo! i haven't seen one since my fatima back in kc. this is major.

10 minutes and i can leave to be the first person at this mail facility... i'm gonna be 1! woo hooo

good side note: i've been having some good talks with friends...people are finding out they've outgrown friendships, are meant to write, are meant to be best friends with their husbands...these are the friend talks i love to hear. living life is an interesting kinda beast.'s 8:46 a.m. the day officially starts in 4 minutes.

still waiting on the break,



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