a new kinda christmas

merry christmas...

this little holiday weekend is going by so fast and i'm trying to cling to the time so desperately. i want to make sure i get everything that i'm supposed to out of it.

i've said in blogs past that every adversity should become a strong point...a tiny (or sometimes big) reality jolt that propels us to learn something and better ourselves in the process. i went back in my journal today...looked at life 12-24-06 and it's amazing how much i've changed. i was sad actually. i was worried about a cheating boyfriend (i went home for the holidays and couldn't even concentrate on my family time), i was stressed about acting and not comfortable with being patient and realizing that i was in a holding pattern for a reason. life was just different. basically i'm just really REALLY proud of the person i've grown into--thankful that i was given the opportunity to finally get who i am and what i am and should be about.

i've been kickin' it solo all day today...my first solo christmas eve ever and it hasn't been too bad (i don't know if texting my peeps 24/7 is cheating but whatever). i've got the fire place going, the tree's glowing, i'm watching 'the holiday', made myself some chai tea...peace on earth has been achieved in one tiny quadrant at least : )

after this flick i plan to hit up the whole foods down the street, grab a bottle of b's favorite sparkling lemon aid and then head over to her fam's house for a night of grubbin and taboo. this non traditional christmas is crazy...it's a sign that new things that i'm capable of handling are coming my way...i'm open for change. : )

i haven't really processed the young and the restless quite yet. i keep saying it's not that i'm not FOREVER grateful and happy, it's just that i've wanted this for so long...i mean i was four the first time i day dreamed about what i wanted my life to be. a little girl from the trailer parks...who would have EVER thought i could take my head and heart to that place...and now it's starting to happen. i realize i'm in the baby step throws of it but it's the beginning nonetheless! it's just crazy and i'm scared as heck lol. (the good kind of scared though...the kind that will push me to give it my all and never take it for granted)

this is a good christmas...

i wish i could get my pictures to stick on this darn blog site and i'd post some of the good stuff around me...technology i tell ya...


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