living for me

this weekend was so weird. my play bro was back in town again and was buggin the crap out of me to go clubbing. i've finally figured out i'm kind of passed the social life for the mere fact of being out. i need my outtings to have a purpose, (we're celebrating etc.) and this going out and getting tipsy thing just cuz seems like a band aid for something else. i won't analyze others but at least for me it is so. the club wasn't so bad once we were there because all of these folks i know showed up randomly so i had people to be goofy me with but yeah i'm really not gonna let anyone bully me anymore to go out when i kinda would rather stick pens in my eyeballs : )

yesterday i went to a party with a girlfriend of mine and spent some good time catching up and just finding out where we've both been (physically and emotionally) it's good to check in with your girls ever so often. we were just on a role so we decided to go visit her friend's momma who happens to be a psychic on ventura blvd...(i've never had it done but had always wanted to)

so we head into this "very psychic ms cleo" place and met this beautiful calm woman that i immediately wanted to hug. we share a birthday so maybe it's a pisces thing. she sat there and started talking to me about my life and where i'm at right now and i swear i wanted to fall into her words and never come out. some of it was hard to hear i'll admit. according to my girl rushell she would never take you to a dark space but you have to hear the truth ya know?...she gave me some tools to manage how to deal with those issues that are about to come into my life and it was cool. most of what she said just confirmed what i already knew about myself and where i'm heading which was nice--means i'm finally getting me. that was the most important part. : )

so after some good ole truth we headed back to mi casa and picked up the bro and headed to mexicali, a vunderful mexican restaurant with some good arse tequila. i was actually proud of my bro that night. he's a really smart guy but he blurts out silly useless facts most of the time so you forget that he's got actual interesting ish to say lol...he was having a great conversation with my girl and it was cool to just sit back and listen. good thing cuz i would have probably hurt him otherwise lol...brotherly/sisterly love is a perplexing thing. needless to say i had a good day and night.

today my friends i went to my first ku basketball game since 2004. it rocked...we played usc and we shook that darn galen center!!!

there was quite a bit of blue and hearing the sounds of "rock chalk" rattling that place and drowning out the usc fans was goose bump worthy. i love my alma mater!

now i'm about to sit and watch amelie--a wonderful flick that i recommend to all the romantics out there and do some's sunday. my day. according to my psychic wonder i have to really keep strong--doing what i like to do and wanna do. here goes living for me ; )

(that's hard for pisces by the way!)


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