it’s only just begun

i've had that song by the carpenters in my head all day. i love the unconscious messages my brain sends me. i didn't even realize what i was singing until someone started giggling at my lyrics ;)

i'm not really nervous for tomorrow...just curious as heck...i'm on slow mo

you know my mind's working out something though because i came home and cleaned the mess out of my place. it's my cathartic pleasure...can i even say it's guilty?

i put together a little shin dig celebration for this weekend. i love my buds. haters could (and have) totally tried to minimalize the importance of's small yes...i could be lame and say "there are no small parts, just small actors" but that would be lame : ) the point is these folks are just as giddy as i am...and live in los angeles...everyone here knows someone so they could totally be jaded but no...not my lovely buds.

i am bummed about one really girly totally "sola"'s the holidays and i've totally grubbed like i've never grubbed before. not good for the whole on camera "i feel fabulous" mentality i need but i'm an actress lol...i'll act fabulous.

ok i'm invoking the kiwi power for this one. (if you don't know what kiwi power's kind of like punky power...if you don't know what that is just think good vibes and energy)'re on


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