good news on a sunday morning

how wonderful is it when ya wake up on a sunday morning and the first person you talk to gives ya good news?

i have a dear friend, the original grammama if you will, who called to tell me she's in love. how cute is that?! this girl is amazing: highly intelligent, sweet...just the best but she's always been on the more reformed side of dating...if that's the correct word...closed off a bit. she had this great relationship in the even ended great--they both remain friends, totally amicable...yadda yadda and so i was hopeful that my girl could do the darn thing...that some day the perfect guy for her would come around and voila he did : )

so she's on cloud nine because they're vacationing in miami, living it up...they work somewhat together--she's getting her doctorate in psychiatry and wants to counsel athletes, he's a coach...professionally/socially they get along great and i've never heard the girl sound so carefree on the phone. i love it when my friends are happy like this.

sometimes i look back at where we all started out and how far we've come (i'm the late bloomer of the group professionally) and it just feels me with this deep sense of pride. i have so many great female friends and they're finding their version of happy every day in all relms of their lives.

life don't get much better. now you'd think when you find happiness it's a solo moment of triumphant...oh no! i like to think it affects everyone around you and they get to join in on the happiness too lol. (remember that the next time you tell me something great and i scream on the phone.)

my dating life has been fun and it just keeps getting more and more interesting. yesterday i was at the grove, this beautiful little shopping area in los angeles, and this little girl approached me and gave me a business card spouting it was from her uncle. it was the cutest thing. i never saw the guy so it's a bit goofy but my friends got a kick out of the ordeal. my twin's husband couldn't get over the fact that he had to be booty ugly or he would have approached me himself. any thoughts?

it was different lol. we'll see if i get curious enough to email the mystery man.

lol...ain't life great?


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