expecting the best

So last night I got home kind of late and then worked out so by the time I checked my phone and emails it was 7:40 or so. I noticed that j had called to tell me about her experience watching the ever so great "ratatouille" so I happily texted her back to call me.

The girl calls within seconds and asks "what happened" excitedly. I curbed the enthusiasm by explaining I just wanted to figure out how the movie went but thinking about it later, it was cool…She's waiting for that phone call where I tell her something amazing has happened…She's got some hopes for her buddy pal Tishy. It's all I need in my life ; )

(well besides my own hopes)

It's a good lesson for the new year…showing your hope and faith in your friends (really showing—less telling) is the best gift you can give.

and something more...knowing someone is waiting, expecting your best. it's a good question really...who's expecting your best that is. ; )


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