collectible memories

today jen and i were driving along when we saw a sign that said collectible made us giggle. that's why my blog is entitled as such...i heart cheeseball.

this weekend was so much fun. don't be confused by the melodramatic tone of this blog...i'm just sad cuz one of my favorite peoples in the world...someone who totally gets me, who makes me laugh hysterically, whom i love lots (like how i'm using who and whom my darling?) left and i have no idea when i'll be able to see her again. it was so bad today. i took her to the airport...we were kind of quiet but fine all day...and after i pulled away i started crying so hard i began to wig...couldn't breath...basically doing that ugly cry thing. it's so hard saying good bye. this weekend was just soooo great.

we got pinkberry ice cream, we giggle slept, we picked up vic early saturday morning, we set off on our great road trip, had a blast with the guy, had a blast at the zoo, went to this fun bar in the gas lamp district where my bud akiba met up with us and brought some of her cool buds and we just had a freaking blast...can't say it enough...vic was great. he showed jen all of these amazing things down in san diego...had a mariachi band sing happy birthday songs to her while we ate i think he was helping with my campaign to get her to move out here : )

she's in the air flying home right now and i'm just really wishing i could rewind time and do it all over again. sigh...i think i have to rethink my current philosophies on life. life has to happen in between the best friend visits...otherwise these moments are gonna get harder and harder. the more i think about, the more ironic it is that we saw that sign today...collecting implies they're rare and need to be stored...i definitely don't get that much time with the girl. i save everything in my memory bank and replay it over and over until the next great time.

i need one more good cry to be ok. have you ever been there? i'm done. no more writing. tgfb....(thank god for brandi)


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