bestest in the westest

dude my cali friends are the bestest in the westest! so here is my blog i wrote earlier in my work day:

So tonight I'm gathering some of my most lovely friends together for a wonderfully chill evening to celebrate the "it's only just begun" point in my life. We're heading for a spot called luna park ( that looks like a lot of fun.

I'm really excited to see this group of folks meet up. there's about 12 of the most diverse & interesting folks coming to the table. I've got two professors, a building contractor, an up and coming fashion designer, a PR gal, a sitcom writer and author, possibly my make up artist and her French hip hop fiance, some insurance buds and me, an insurance/out of work actor. Lol. it's gonna be the bomb…especially after I get a mojito in me!

It's not customary for me to go thru and list people's occupations at a dinner party like it's "resume 101: taking it to the streets" but this gathering tonight is to celebrate not only my beginnings but the hustles and dreams of all those that are coming. It's the perfect ending to 2007.

so yeah i've since returned from probably one of the best dinner parties i've ever hosted. it was great! the first to arrive were my pals d and evvie and those two got loose with me over some yummy sangrias (the mojitoes just weren't cuttin' it for me sadly enough) and then the gang started showing up in clusters...We had great food, great conversation, great drinks...

you may not believe it but i actually feel silly when folks sit around and gush over me usually (hush) but it was just splendid tonight that everyone was making connections and attributing little ole me as the middle man that made it all happen. i love hook ups! we seriously closed the restaurant down...the valet brought us all our keys lol and we all walked out together, hugging and giving well wishes...i loved it, i loved it i loved it. i'm getting text blasts from everyone saying how much fun they had and how my friends are all cool...and they really are. there wasn't a debbie downer in the bunch (i was a debbie downer at my last dinner party unfortunately because of circumstances beyond my control) and everyone was doing the dang thing...drinking their sangria (i started a trend there) and just cuttin up...sharing a little bit of their lives and gettin a little life from everyone else.

i'm sorry but tonight goes down in the books. i paused the group chit chat for a bit to announce that everyone at the table would have to come back on my oscar night because that celebratory energy was the shiz nit...and for my first AFTRA job..are you kidding me?! i love 'em...

and my best friend in kc was there in spirit. i told a little story about a sangria bar we loved in my ole college town (henry's) and she automatically popped into the room. j you were there girl : )

12-28 goes down in the books...yup yup yup


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