198 love hits

so i've been in this really weird lazy odd slump lately and i was gettin' sick of my behind but didn't know how to get over it. i started working out again (thanksgiving jacked everything up!) but that was only making me feel worse lol. i'd hit the streets for a run after work and rip the mess out of my lungs...how easily we fall out of shape.

somehow i knew that today would birth the shift in my mood though

my department heads at my job threw a bowling party today...we worked for a good hour and then all headed over to the bowling place for basically the rest of the day. i was on frickin' fire. the cracked out tishy from childhood came back...i've got video to prove it sadly (thank you mateo for spy-filming me while dancing to "we are family") i was just energetic and having a blast...hanging with my friends and just emitting energy and good stuff for a nice solid 3 hours. i could feel the funk lifting.

i think my bowling karma definitely felt my vibes cuz a sista bowled a 198...the highest i've ever bowled in my life...and i was on a league at one time. things were CHECKIN' OUT!

i needed that shift...bad. i haven't been in a bad mood or anything. i've just kinda been there. not really doing anything...not even really thinking about anything. every time i'd try to figure out what was wrong my brain would scatter--all attempts at focusing down the drain. who knew all a girl needed was a cheesy bowling shirt that everyone in the dept had to wear, some good grub, friends and 4 strikes in a row. (exhaust yourself with positive things and it will force you to sit still and regroup)

after work i decided i needed to focus on some art stuff i've been meaning to handle so i took my perdy little dream board to get laminated and framed and now it's hanging ever so nicely in my bedroom hallway. looks kinda funny there but i worked out after getting home...my arms turned gumby-ish and i'm too weak to hold anything up now. (b please help!)

i'm getting pumped for this weekend. it's officially christmas shopping time. (physical shopping that is) i'm buying a tree and my ornaments, and grabbing some more gifts for my loved ones.

i was listening to the author of _eat pray love_ yesterday discuss cleaning out your mental closet with "no's" in order to make room for oneself. i'm good with my list of tish tasks for now...life's back on the good path again...thank goodness.

still waiting on that big break,

bowling balla


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