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ahhh! i just got back from picketing at the disney studios. it was so nerve wracking. i was having issues with it all yesterday night...didn't know what to wear, didn't know if people would hate me for going up there since i'm not a writer...ahhh! nightmares. my mind would start to wonder off and i'd then i'd be pissed at myself for not focusing on what's most important. i got up this morning, checked my email, stalled for as long as i could and then hopped in the shower to get ready. i was so nervous i thought i'd puke.

when i finally set off i had THE hardest time finding my picketing site my girl told me to go to. i had a tiny bowl of cereal cuz i felt so sick that morning and it killed me. lol. i walked that ish off in 1 1/2 hours...pure speed walking to find my picketing location.

i started crying at one point because i thought i'd blown it...i wouldn't find the spot, i took off of work for nothing, angela would think i was a complete flake and not serious about my acting...things were racing thru my mind, the tall buildings around me were swirling around...and then i saw signs near where i was supposed to be and a mixed girl with caramel bouncy curls and i found home : )

all my nerves disappeared and it was just lovely. angela's great ya'll...we've emailed for over two years now but never really hung in person so i was really appreciative that she took me under her wing and made me feel like one of the gang. there was a writer doing a sketch for something and so on arrival i was immediately thrown into an acting scene. lol. i can't remember the site it'll post on but when i get it i'll let you know : ) the guy i acted with just happened to be the guy who wrote the episode of "all of us" that i was on lol....how small of a world is that mess?! i was telling him about the scene and we all started crackin' up.

i met some really cool writers (they're not what you think they'd look like--lanky pasty white boys with comb-overs) that had me crackin up for the 2 hours i was there...(if you're gonna strike you might as well strike with the funniest in the business--literally). writers from scrubs, all of us, girlfriends and lost were out on our block. i held my sign with pride and marched up and down the street. : ) good cause man!

it felt really good being out there. angela and a couple of the other writers said they were going to get together and form a pact that i would be on one of their shopped-for pilots. now that's the kinda love i'm talking about!!!

it's good to find people out there that want to see you do good, wanna make ya laugh and just wanna help period.

charlie brown, today was a very good day.


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