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Brace yourselves. I'm about to vent like a mutha b.

before I moved to California I can remember a girl on a film set telling me all the great things about her state…how there was eternal sunshine, the ultimate acting opportunities, blah blah blah and most importantly how tolerant the state was…she bragged and bragged about how open and diverse people were and how it was so horrible in the Midwest…being that I went to a high school that could boast having 4 black kids in the whole school I thought this was uber up my alley and I skipped along to la, ready for my land of minority plenty.

I was given a hard reality check when I arrived. Yes, there is a bountiful amount of different people walking the streets but alas there are a fair amount of individuals here that believe because they happen to have a friend of a certain ethnicity or race it's acceptable for them to use slurs and racial epitaphs including my personal favorite, the n word. I grew up in liberty, Missouri: Land of cute suburban chicks. Some would refer to me as sheltered, a goody goody and whatever else that means a sista ain't gully (look that up in urban dictionary it's great!) but God help me… watch fire come out of my nose if you use that word around me. Let the twitching begin!

What kinda backwards crap is this mess?! If I heard one more person say, "I knew a black person back in the day so I can use the word" I will snap. This does not entitle you to that word and definitely don't think that just because I speak a certain way and am racially ambiguous that some how I'm going to be sympathetic to you using that word around me like I'm not black'll get a verbal warning and then I don't know what craziness will come out after that.

An ex-friend and I used to battle over this crap…it's just a word blah blah blah. No it's not—and if you feel it's all semantics then come up with your own new word to express camaraderie with your peeps, homies and whoever else.

Valley kids beware…I dare you to take that philosophy to other states and neighborhoods with the excuse that you knew so and so back when…

try picking up a book and reading about the history of the word. ignorant butts…

I drop the mic.


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