san diego weekend

ah what a great weekend. my loner road trips are swell. this one was no different.

my wedding date from kc just so happened to be walking in a 3 day walk for breast cancer in san diego this weekend so i agreed to meet her and one of my other gal pals. turns out coordinating a point where they'd walk by was a little difficult so i decided to leave a little later and grab'em for dinner. that meant the morning was mine.

i woke up early and hiked, cleaned up my place, watched some oprah, took my time packing some good snacks and then headed off. i had tunes and enough cheese stick peel thingies to keep me quite happy during the nasty traffic puttering along on the 5 freeway so the drive was great. gave me time to think and sing loudly and obnoxiously in the car.

i made it in 4 hours lol (i got a little lost trying to find the park where my gals were staying) and then we were off to locate a kansas city bbq spot that kim had found on our alumni web site. turns out there were tons of jayhawks there but no jayhawk football game (which was the frickin point of going there) so we skipped the bbq (sniff) and set out to hunt for an establishment with satellite tv. ended up at some seafood restaurant that folks promised would have the game...we came charging in with our cute little tees on and our puppy dog pleas but alas we never saw the game...

instead we got some grub and text scoring updates...i'm kinda used to the west coast hating on the big xii so i got over it quick. :)

after i dropped the girls back off at their camp site i headed to my girl akiba's for a slumber party. (you guys know i'm a sucker for one!) we watched the color purple--there are still people in this world who have never seen that movie gosh darn it! laughed with the girls, met some cool people, a new friend, age 2, who stole my heart and basically had a blast. grammama stayed up until 3 in the frickin morning...that's unheard of. seriously.

then today was frickin cool as heck. ms thing took me to her frickin place of employment which happens to be where olympians train and my mouth hit the ground. it was almost like i was back at stanford. (i freak a little when in the presence of greatness) kinda hit home that my buddy is this amazing athlete chick...a tiny bit surreal to look around and see pics and memorabilia from great moments in olympic history but you know lol. i warned her that our lunch in her cafeteria would wind up in the good ole blog. i was expecting super food by the way (it was normal stuff) but i will admit that after eating some beets in my salad i felt like i could run the mile in 2.5 minutes...just saying.


after lunch we watched american gangster, which was a really good film. it's crazy that one can sympathize with a murderer/drug dealer but ya do...i caught myself being proud of the brutha for accomplishing so much and then remembering the means to his ends lol...sigh. love the heroes hollywood gives us or tells us about rather since it's a true story.

anyways after the flick i sucked it up, admitted i had to get back to the real world and headed home. great drive back-- talked to my j for an hour or so about our weekends and the drive was done like that.

it was great weekend and now that my slumber party bug has returned i'm about to go nuts with planning the next one. : )



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