practice for the perfect

Have you ever been writing a paper, 10 something pages in…doing great….and then all of a sudden your computer goes kerplunk?…you've forgotten to save and have now lost everything? You get angry then freaked out that you'll never get it back thinking it'll never be as good. used to happen to me all the darn time back in college.

when you begin to write again though, this miraculous thing happens: you have more familiarity…usually write with more ease because you've been there before…maybe a tad hostile but your writing tends to come out better. I need to apply this life lesson to my thanksgiving week.

So I had plans and they went kerplunk HARD so now i'm starting over again…and the plans are gonna be better than before. I've decided that my non-cooking self is gonna do something big kiddish and actually stick my behind in the kitchen and make something I would never attempt to do in front of anyone else. Practice for the perfect if you will. I'm going to create something great…something my shero, the barefoot contessa, would do : ) oh yes people…

It's taken me YEARS to learn that it's always better the second time my case the third, fourth, fifth... I used to get so down on myself for lost (fill in the blanks). What I've learned: Take a moment for a necessary temper tantrum and then move the heck on…your better more perfect is waiting to begin.


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