oscar died

yes...my beautiful oscar went kapoot...killed over, choked, checked out, peace.

everything happens for a reason though. i've definitely let go of my bad relationship past (this actually happened a while back but hey, it's never too late for a nice pat on the back). sadly, voldemort was the one who gave me oscar. yes...one of those lovely consolation prizes...and even though i loved that thing it was still tainted with evil poison (lol) so it died and i cried BUT the guy at the ipod store was totally flirting with my behind and came out of the back room with a brand new 80 gigger for me. introducing oscar jr aka O.J. : ) KAPOW!

(gun & gloves not included)

this guy was a funny man too ya'll. he pulls up my info, raises his eyebrow and asks me if i'm "voldemort"...obviously i'm not so i tell him it was a christmas gift...a very late christmas gift by the way--which means the darn thing should still be under warranty. he immediately turns into don juan and states that he must be a pretty great boyfriend to buy such a gift...(yes he really went there). i reply that he APPEARED to be when he WAS my boyfriend which really gets him going...he asks where i'm from and how long i've been single...tells me where he's from (mauqa) and then proceeds to tell me about his ex. nice...(note to all the menz out there--don't tell a girl all your drama when you first meet her...keep that for month 3)

ole boy was cute and flattering and i did walk away with o.j. but the most important part of this whole crazy story is the last tie to voldemort has been severed. just hearing his name in that store made my butt twitch. oh yeah baby! ipod boy even made sure to put my new ipod in my own name. ahhhh ain't ipod liberation a beautiful thang?!

woo hoooo! so if i've taken your music at some point in our friendship i'm gonna need to repeat that act buddies. o.j.'s hungry!!!

luv & kiwi!


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