ooh i just wanna lay in her hair

there are moments where i remember that at one time i was a "we" and i try to remember all the healthy memories i enjoyed about being a "we" and one of the better ones was my hair. weird?

i work out after work, then shower so every night i go to sleep with soft sheep like big curls all around my face and i remember an ex that used to love to sleep in my hair...reminds me of an interlude by andre 3000 (i just wanna lay in her hair) lol..my best friend and i giggle every time we hear it. so yeah right now i am giggling about a boy laying in my hair...takes some of my peachiness away...

let me explain...so today was my "i get to be as bad as i wanna be" day. listen it may sound horrible but some days ya just have bad days and everything annoys the ish out of you so the real annoying people REALLY annoy you so my j told me i could be bad and she said she'd be bad too and it felt good learning i could be bad : )

i was a real peach and i'm so loving it..hee hee...tomorrow i can be good but i recommend being a peach for just one day...maybe try to be as alone as you possibly can so your friends still wanna be your friends the next day (may have burned some work relationship bridges today--hee hee) i told you i'm a peach today!!!

alright. i'm going to go to sleep in my hair now : )


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