martha stewart watch out!

so yeah thanksgiving is kind of a "big kid holiday" for me...i feel pressured always to grow up and actually contribute to the grubbin festivities. in the past i've done a pretty craptastic job i must say (hee hee) i mean there's my usual goodies that i love or what not but last year i made this hideous mexican dish that was DISGUSTING lol...and my ex and his whole fam ate that ish...sigh i was mortified. who knew california peeps don't carry rotel at their grocery bad!

anyways this year is my practice run. some day i'm gonna have a frickin' fam so i need to start pullin out the martha with some steps. this year i'm making some lovely pumpkin bread with fresh ground cinnamon (my favorite). i'm gonna put this cream cheese/cool whip frosting on it...just like my mo's gonna be off the chain. i can smell that ish now!

so yes life is swell. i plan to wake up bright and early, run a mile to prepare the body for the gorge fest and then head over to my lovely b's home so we can play, cook and just hang...cuz that's what fam is for! i bought her, the kid and me tickets to see "enchanted" at the el capitan. tomorrow's gonna be a blast yo!

and this weekend....mwahaha...we got some jayhawk football to watch (thank you b for agreeing to enter jayhawk land in hollywood), good movies (august rush! woo wooo!) and slumber party goodness all around. i needed this warmth and good stuff cuz this week was a hard one.

on a funny note, i just got an audition notice from my agent that asks for astrology lovers who frequent star am i missin' something?!!!


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