looking for one's greatness

by now most of you have seen the you tube video about paul potts, the english bloke/cell phone salesman who awed simon from american idol and had an audience of thousands in tears...during his cam time before he sang he told the cameras that he always had self doubt but something greater than him knew he was supposed to go after the one thing he knew in his heart he was great at. i watched the guy sing and i started tearing the heck up...you could see the life rush into him...rare moment.

it's rare that you get to see someone exhibiting their greatness and loving the moment their in...actually thankful in the process. so many people take their greatness for granted. start taking it for granted or forgetting it's a gift...

it was lovely watching paul potts sing. i love that i keep getting these bursts of energy to keep going--i find inspiration all the time. i thank God for those moments : )


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