let's do coffee

lets do coffee, your people and my people...

i just had my first official la meet and greet and it was really cool! i arrived first cuz i'm nervous like that and got my lovely little chai tea and waited for the business manager. we discussed what they're working on--he asked why i came to la...what i want to get out of the city--all that good stuff and then was flabbergasted by my intentions to work with him and 'the director'. i just want to be in the mix. learn how it all works...ALL of it and if that means stapling papers and making phone calls so 'the director' can get his work out there so be it.

it was really cool. we'll see where this goes. it all makes me feel so much more alive. just give me ten minutes and let me tell you why i'm here and what i'm gonna be...you'll see lights shoot out of my eyes!


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