in the stars

so this was my lovely horoscope today...

You prefer being motivated by the potential of realizing fantasies and making dreams come true. Now, however, you may be over-analyzing everything so you don't get swept up in an illusion. Logic can help you stay grounded, but it won't give you your final answer. For that, you'll need to trust your intuition over the facts.

pretty darn important considering i've just about lost all faith in myself and the reasons i'm out here. just when i feel like it's over something brings back a little bit of my backbone. i'm on auto pilot right now. i've decided to take a day off of work and go to the picket line. the writer friend has suggested i go...i'm scared and not so good at networking but it's worth dream's getting harder and harder, farther and farther. i have to work to make it reality.


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