homage to the art of acting


i signed up for my first acting workshop since early 2006. it felt good ya'll!!! i'm gonna get my wonderful little script to memorize. i'll feel the butterflies again. i'll stand in front of an expert and let them help and i'll get betta and betta. i love it! this is what a raise is for...

in the spirit of paying homage to great acting i went and saw a movie i've been dying to see for weeks now: things we lost in the fire. there are seriously limited amounts of vocabulary that can describe how beautiful and real that movie was. i was hesitant to see it because of the reviews but i'm so glad my stubborn behind didn't listen. for the first time EVER i fell in love with halle berry the actress. she was hauntingly beautiful...she was both simple and complex...just like this dang story and it was so good...so special i couldn't cry...i couldn't miss it. you could tell this director loved this story and made sure to show it. i recommend everyone see it. just see it. ugh...and then come and talk to me about it! my boy d went along and thanked me for volunteering him for the role of movie bud so fellas you can see it too and be moved. there was all this spanish music playing in the background and it's sticking with me...i can hear it in my heart..sigh. see the movie. appreciate great directing, writing (hopefully the strike ends quickly) and most importantly for me inspirational acting.

this is my juvenile diabetes walk weekend plus i'm meeting with that director and his business manager tomorrow. things are definitely shakin' up in a good way.


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