color me bewitched


sigh...i'm a sucker for this movie...a sucker for mr. darcy. i gotta love jones!

i don't know if it's the movie, my best friend's recap of her honeymoon or the vanilla & lavendar candles burning in my darn bedroom but i'm obsessed with love quirks today. i read my gal pal vikk's blog and there was this lovely picture of her and her husband...someone took a secret pic...caught them in a really sweet and sincere moment and it made my heart swell...

i have a guy friend who is the worst kind of cynic on love you can imagine. his thoughts and theories have me shaking my head and rolling my eyes on the regular...i just want to shove all the love i witness into him to shut him up. seeing i guess is believing and fortunately for me i see luuuuuv where ever i go : )

the little twerp is coming to visit for thanksgiving weekend. i figure i have a good amount of time to build up my amo for this one. lol...are all men this darn cynical? the socio-emotional differences between the sexes is ridiculous. lol...ridiculous i say!


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