memory lane

every so often i wake up early on saturday mornings and do what i've done since the first week i moved to los angeles. i make the trek to pasadena and get my eyebrows did. (i have a weird compulsive thing with them--think it stems from the unibrow i had to grow up with)

so today i woke up with a little bounce in my step and headed over. lovely cool morning drive...made it there early so i had a chance to grab a chai tea latte at the starbucks across the way and then went and window shopped.

i love my darn pasadena mornings...sometimes i bring my guests out there and take them to mi piace (this wonderful italian place that makes the prettiest breakfasts in the world) there are beautiful people walking around--women in yoga get ups, men with weekend jeans and ivy caps (my favorite things in the world)... old men playing instruments on the corners...people drinking their morning coffee at the little tables outside of restaurants--everyone quiet and happy. sigh...

i get great messages at my place so by the time i made it into my spot i was gliding on cloud 9...i love it when i know life's about to get even more swell. you can imagine my heart ache now when i tell you my lovely lady told me that she was moving...that my lovely little spa place is a mall no less. i will admit that i did cry a little and it wasn't from the wax i'm afraid.

i decided to stay in pasadena a little longer than i usually would just to enjoy my last time there. i found that place my first week here when i used to live over in eagle rock--this tiny little community about 4 minutes away from old town pasadena. so many memories in this tiny little area. the stores, the people, the food...then after that i decided to go down into my old neighborhood and check things out...drove by the place where la started for me...

driving down memory lane was nice today. really nice...

i'm not big for changes but they're inevitable so what's a girl to do. friends are getting engaged, married, having babies, getting promotions, moving on, letting go...these things that shape our lives are funny things.

while some define their lives by such changes like marriage and divorce, i'm defining myself by car accidents lol...and PROMOTIONS! i guess i shouldn't leave that out...while i may not be corporate i still know how to reach for that glass ceiling!!!

i'm not in a pity me mood though. one big thing has changed in my life...i'm suddenly not so sure about some of my wishes...and if you don't know exactly what you're asking for it's not a good idea to push for it so hard.

i'm just now learning about little ole me. i figure God's creating this quiet point in my life (by quiet i mean single as single can get) so that i can really learn what i want and be what i want so that i can truly be happy with the decisions i make down the road. it would suck to get what i asked for and not know what to do with it once there.

alright. i feel better now. sometimes i feel a little dorky for blogging on the weekend. yes people, i have quiet chill time a lot--can't have shame in the game. remainder of the weekend: football watching and research. i'm trying to figure out how to get a book published. any factoids to share?


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