magical realism

my favorite professor in college used to speak of magical realism in the writings she loved. i was always fond of a genre that would combine fantastic or dreamlike elements with realism. in my opinion a little bit of magic was what a gal needs in her life.

as a kid i was obsessed with the idea of magic. on st patty's day i'd run outside early morning and stay until early night searching for leprechauns poking sneakly out of trees. at christmas time i'd stay up waiting for the jolly one and after reading the lion, the with and the wardrobe i sat in a closet in our downstairs coat room for two whole hours waiting for my wall to open up. the day i found out that none of those things would happen was a sad sad day. i was desperate to witness some magic...maybe i still am.

i'm sitting here watching prancer, one of my mother's favorite doesn't matter that it's a christmas movie, the lady can watch this all year round. it's the story of this little girl that believes in magic and christmas and in doing so helps a reindeer get home and a town believe in christmas again. really cute and's a classic in the keller household. it's on hbo all the time. check it out.

today for some reason the little girl that waits for leprechauns is in full swing. i'm in the mood for some reality mixed with dreamlike elements. and i think i'll get my wish. maybe growing up doesn't have to mean we become cynical and out of touch with magic...maybe we just expand our definition to see more than just the kinds that require stardust and fairies.

this week ahead is going to be so great. hopefully i'll get to write but if not you'll hear how hanging with one of my buddies watching heroes and eating sushi causes ms tishy to float on air, how chilling with my girl gale and ms b on tuesday night to eat great food and see a must see flick (why did i get married) expanded my smile to look like that of the cheshire cat and most importantly how flying to see my best friend marry her fiance, every bit the soul mate cupid chose for her, caused my heart to grow three sizes too big, then burst with tears and come back together more whole than ever before.

i love me some magic.

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper"


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