i’m a romantic

"I'm a romantic--sing me an aria of triumph, love and waning gibbous moons and i swoon" --unknown

ah yes, a romantic i am, but not in the traditional sense...my love is saved solely for my dream of acting. i went to a bbq last weekend and met some really cool people--a lot in the industry. i left feeling heart broken because i had NOT a clue how to network with folks. i mean they come to a sunday bbq to cut back and relax...who wants to be bothered by some green kid with stars in her eyes?

i couldn't shake my disappointment though so i got up the nerve to write the hostess' husband who happens to be a director and asked if i could be his mentee. i need to learn the business. i need to just dive in and learn my brains out actually! he replied and said that it sounded cool : ) so i'm basically on cloud nine right now. nothing makes me happier than being as close as i possibly can...my inspiration to make it gets me thru the really difficult days and messages like the one i received today was just what i needed to pick-me-up.

so i'm swooning...waiting for my song of triumph


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