if you have the ugliest

"if you have the ugliest house on the street, at least you never have to look at it"

i'm reading this book that i don't enjoy but dang if that's not the best quote i could have pulled from it. lol if that's not a new spin to looking at the brighter side...

i don't know why but this theme seems to be quite important lately. a death, a raise, a wreck, a heart break...my friends keep telling me stories...showing me how they've found the best possible perspective from each. i don't know why it's so hard for me to do the same. i really have to force myself...highly emotional--hardly rational, it's difficult for me not to embrace the world crashing down around me. will my world suddenly open up if i change my perception or will i just continue upon a bummer track but just enjoy it more?

you know and i know the answer to that. lol...still, i have to pose the honest question though. jeez.

there's a lot of weird deja vu things happening lately. i have this reocurring dream that i have an emergency of some sort and have to drive a stick shift. well i've had an emergency and am now driving some funky new nissan car that has this weird new hybrid stick/automatic thing happening. um i've never driven a stick. i have no idea so i'm on the freeway today-the same freeway that took my car from me-when my car starts surging (i say surging because i don't drive a manual folks!) i finally figured out that i have to hit some plus thing on the shifter thingy lol...now i'm gonna be having mini adventures every time i get behind the wheel!

maybe it's all related. maybe my dream of being at the oscars in a black dress, stopping on some stairs to fix the buckle on my heel will come true too. it could happen! it will happen : )

today was my free day, pigging out and no working out. it's great. heroes is on...the show's better than ever unfortunately. i hate that it's only an hour. i finished a book...life's swell.

time for bed. final thoughts...

so right now i have this image of a guy in his mercedes looking at me in my pinto lol...who's really the lucky one? who's got the better view


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