greatness in one's corner

you know i've grown more this year than any other point in my adult life. i feel like my time as a single and independent one has allowed me to be calm, more peaceful and clear. clear to see the crap that i used to buckle to. ladies, if you speak to a man and you hear complaints, judgments and criticisms let him go. he may be a good man but he's not the best man for you. i can see this clearly, i can react calmly and feel peaceful about my decisions.

i want to find that someone but i'm not really into the settling thing. people have been telling me ever since i moved to los angeles that my acting would come first...that i needed to focus and i agree. i just mailed a headshot to a soap star...a big soap star. i was given the go and the address. i emailed it and then went back to my computer to look up the man. my jaw almost hit the floor. he will personally take that darn picture of me and give it to 'his people'...i could possibly (no will) be in the background of a major soap. the people in charge will love me and give me a perm place and there i will be. my first official acting gig...

now i know...i'm gonna make it, with or without a guy by my side, but definitely with some great arse friends! and just for the record my fat (guy best friend) just called to discuss how i'm about to do the darn thing. man it's nice to have greatness in your corner!


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