the day after

the first day back at work after a long week of wonderful is a hard hard day.

i found myself feeling weird...for the past week i've been eating breathing and sleeping the idea of family...of home...of love and honestly i'm a little fuzzy on the details...things start to blur for me.

some definitions are expanding while others keep shrinking and thru it all i just wonder if i'll ever truly know what each of those words above really mean. why's it so hard dang it?

when i was in kc i found out that i may have an "in" with a soap opera. i'm bringing in a head shot tomorrow. i'm back on track to meet with that director i mentioned before and his business manager. i'm helping him shop a film he's just completed. these are the building blocks to keeping sanity.

it's funny but at the wedding someone casually asked me about acting stuff but then got hard core energetic when inquiring about my own wedding...when my turn would come. lol...the importance of different dreams varies from person to person obviously.

what's really important? does one thing HAVE to lead to others? is happiness a one step process? "do step 1, attaching dream a to dream b and then you can move on to step product--a life fulfilled"...

i'll see now won't i. : )


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