i caught a bug and have paid all night and all morning long for that little bugger. sigh.

being sick and home alone is always an interesting phenomenon. i'm always able to ponder life in ways i can't do with a healthy manner.

this is my first true sane moment today. i pity those texting me this morning. i just finished watching "must love dogs" and i have to say the critics were wrong. i found it to be very cute and entertaining...and truthful.

maybe only a truly fabulous single chick can enjoy that kind of flick. i happen to be just that so why not. though i haven't been so fabulous. someone at work asked me if i was numb the other day lol...i don't think that's a good thing. what do you think?

the reason for the question: i've been sabotaging dating. i meet really great swell people but i nip it in the bud quick. i nipped a dating experience with someone i haven't even yet dated. i just think being single isn't all that bad...especially for someone who hasn't done it very often and is trying the whole "i don't want to be selfish. i don't have much to give right now" thing. is that bad? hmph. i don't think so.

side note: dry cereal is the best thing in the world right now

so yeah i loved the movie and i could actually relate to some of her horrible dating experiences. lol...i've definitely had my share.

this decision won't be forever friends. some day i'm going to want someone that likes to lay in bed on sundays and listen to miles' shades of blue. we'll have tons of "we" stuff together that doesn't make me want to sweat to admit. there will be a painting in the living room that we found on this crazy vacation we embarked upon. i'll share a life with someone and i will like it : ) for now i'm just gonna finish eating my dried cereal and banana. i'm going to take another long nap because i'm getting dizzy and i'm gonna really try not to worry about all the work awaiting me at my job. my body was screaming at me that i've done too much.

i'm going to seattle this weekend with a cousin that seriously embodies beautiful adventure. only way to describe her. i'm gonna love every moment of my silly crazy broken yet full "table for one" life. i think i need a scarf. diane had one in "must love dogs" and it gave her a little something. i think i need some somethings for seattle. just saying i need something for seattle is sweet. (first time)

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Posted Date: : Sep 4, 2007 6:48 PM

i am really crackin up right now at how hard it truly is to be an optimistic positive person. the minute i take a time out and say "rain cloud, please stop following me around. i'm kinda not feelin' the wet cold and dreery


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