roll with the punches

i wanted to tell a different story today...

i was an exit away from my place and i didn't break in time. i hit someone and it was my first wreck. scary stuff. i was so lucky to hit the nicest man in the world who actually hugged me good bye but i still have a pretty boo boo on my car. insurance company to call...

i thought of something out there though. i'm infamous for above and beyond freaking out when something negative impacts my life. i drove home and vowed not to this time. i felt like a bad person (and bad driver) but accidents happen. for some reason i was supposed to leave my ipod at work. there was a reason i had to turn around and go back and get it. there was a reason this happened. i'm just gonna go with the flow. let go and let flow.

my girls came over last night to cook and watch some good flicks with me and it was great. i totally forgot about all this bull crap and just enjoyed my ladies' company. gotta love friends. gotta love how they looked when they first walked in....they both expected me to flip the heck out and be stressed the whole can't be stressed when mr. darcy is telling lizzy that she's bewitched him...come on now!

so yeah, i've taken my car into a shop, b and i have been hanging all day. we're about to go to the lacma and have have more good times.

you roll with the punches...i'm learning.


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