pretty jacked up day

ok emotional rollercoaster is over so the feelings i'm about to share with you are totally my own...maybe i can blame them on the full moon but that's about it.

i woke up this morning knowing this was going to be a craptastic day. i did everything to fight it. put on an uber comfortable pretty outfit just so i'd feel good, packed a good lunch and book, but i just couldn't shake the ish floating around me.

do you ever have those days where you're really trying and people and circumstances and life and work and this and that just keep pulling you back down?

man i found out today my hiking partner is no more. she's got a family and they get really ticked when she's not home after work so i'm pretty much on my own which sucks and is about to make me start crying because i seriously love having someone to talk to up there. ugh. ok enough of that or i'll get even more pissy.

i've also got all of these great inspiring love things happening all around me: i just found out the first girl out of my college group of friends known as the 'sista girls' is engaged...this is great! my best friend gets married in a month to the day and i can't freaking fully enjoy that mess because i have these people in my life that seriously pollute my space with their negativity. i'm just thru with it abound. i'm over it. i put words out there (actual talking not blogs) and people swim all around them...trying to make more or less out of what they actually are and it's so unnecessary. time for a shower.

i don't want this to be a pointless rant but it is. bad day in the books...


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