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one random question:

does anyone else ever watch chick flicks and think that it's never enough? i never know exactly what else i need to see happen in order for their love to make me fully satisfied but i have big issues with them. i'm always left asking "is that it?!"

i'm about to pop in "garden state"--one of my fav's but i do the same ish with that...what else do ya need tish? they hook up at the end. it's all honky dorry. still...i don't know if i just don't want it to end and i need to see tom hanks and meg ryan chillin in bed together watching late night flicks, going to the movies and grabbin coffee afterwards or what but the flicks just aren't cuttin it for me i'm sorry.

by the way when you're down i totally recommend popping in the garden state soundtrack...tracks are frickin amazing i say! covers every emotion possible.

"half of the time we're gone and we don't know where"...it's all you need.

when you're depressed and sad but coming out of it there's always this flood of good thoughts that stream through. i just thought of something my girlie said on our run today about my life. i was telling her a college story about going to late night with my friends and boyfriend and how i swear my smile had to be as big as allen fieldhouse because i cherish items from my history, even lip glosses (don't ask it's just this weird quirk--i have t shirts from high school i still wear!)

...according to ms e i have a swell life worth holding on to. i like looking at it that way.


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