lessons to remember angel

for my angel:

you don't have to be 80 plus to look back at the heartbreaks of your past and speak the lessons you've learned to help a friend. so here goes buddy.

1.) your friends will have their own heartbreaks to share to hopefully ease the pain. don't get caught up in comparisons. just because your luv didn't shoot you in the arse doesn't mean your pain isn't as bad as the next...that's not your friends' intentions either. they simply want to help you see what a future perspective on a lost love looks like.

2.) crack is whack...and looking like you're on crack is even whacker. make sure to keep showering...bathing...cleansing...chapstick on the lips to keep away the crack-headish-ness helps as well. when you look like crap you'll feel like crap...and that's the last thing you need at this point.

3.) download these songs, put them on a cd and listen to the darn lyrics. listen hard. my girl jen made me this..the best "music for my soul" cd ever. i must share. ( jill scott: one is the magic number, des'ree: ya gotta be, j lo: feelin' so good, garbage: special, erykah badu: call tyrone, no doubt: sunday morning, (i hate to say this but) britney spears: stronger, gloria gaynor: i will survive, whitney houston: its not right but it's ok, tracy chapman: give me one reason, fionna apple: limp, new radicals: get what you give)

4.) do you. your feelings will mislead you but just go with the flow. sometimes you'll be happy. sometimes you'll be so miserable you can't see thru your tears, sometimes you'll hate that person so much it hurts, other times you'll fear that hate, then you'll be calm, numb, free...not necessarily in that order and they'll rotate in and out. the point is your feelings are made to be irrational and poorly timed. don't make excuses for them. they're yours. own them and let them run their course.

5.) don't be scared that you'll be cynical for the rest of your life. we all think that at one point and it makes us even more miserable. your brain tells you that you're different and people telling you otherwise don't know you or your heart well enough but believe me...there's a reason there are songs out there spouting lyrics like "thank you for making me a fighter..." these are tough times but the heart is resilient and you will get better, stronger, wiser and happier. you'll even fall in love again. promise.

call me anytime buddy...


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