just get away

oh what a night.

my roomie is house sitting at her mom's place down in the land of have's and asked if i'd like to come and stay with her and have a slumber party. it was swell. i drove over the hill and was suddenly in the land of porsche & benz, lovely wealth in all its splendor and i didn't even feel self conscious. with my windows down and the wind blowing thru my hair i sang out loud at the people driving beside me and arrived with a smile on my face. the roomy's parents are blessed because this is the beautiful home we all dream about..beautiful golden yellow rich warm walls, lots of heavy black woods, red accents....the kind of house where there's something to look at in every darn corner of the place, art, nick nacks & mementos from worldy travels...ugh it was so great. we sat in a big plush red beautiful big bed and watched movies on this great big flat screen monster and giggled the night away. she made me the BEST chicken fajitas with veggies on the side and i seriously felt like i was on vacation. i so needed that.

this morning i woke up bouncy as ever (i'm a morning personal by far) and started a new book (i'm gonna try this multiple book thang) _Jane Austen Book Club_ which i love. strong distinct three dimensional characters...just in time for my movie date night with ms b tonight. i woke up the roomie at 9:45 on the dot and we took mo, the family dog (he has a real mohawk) on a walk thru the neighborhoods...people these houses made my mouth drop, spanish mediterranean gated homes complete with fresh smelling flowers, mossed gates and toyota prius cars...my dream car by the way. a hidden world of beautiful homes containing beautiful lives. it was swell...i told my girl some day i would have a home possibly on that street and i would wake up every sunday morning and hug the four corners of it--appreciating my lucky stars.

i'm about to finish watching my oprah (thank you jen for recommending tivo'ing this ish!!! how i missed this woman!!!) i'm watching dr oz who has just informed me that i'm not a bad person. i am not one to intake a lot of fluids (i.e. water) and he says you need some but all these crazy nuts that do a gallon a day aren't seeing different results in skin and health that regular folks show. it just makes you more full. so there. stick it you weirdos! i'll stick to my two glasses a day and be happy. ha!

happy sundays...

lesson learned: get away from your abode if things are crazy. you can go to a friends, whatever but get out and about. doing so will make you appreciate oprah more and feel better. :


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