inspiration comes from everywhere my pet

i 100% believe that with my whole heart and soul.

i was sitting at my sad but busy cube today when a buddy o' mine, (we'll call him j.g.) came rockin by (he seriously rocks as he walks...i've never seen a man with an inner rockstar quite like him) and told me this lovely story about how my blogs entertain him. the funny thing is my pals have mentioned in the past that i should think about saving the things and getting them published possibly. after my little conversation with j.g. i felt inspired to begin that research. i've always wanted to write a book. my best bud and i used to sit around as kids (yes we were nerds even back then) and dream about writing a book together one day, appropriately named after our favorite inspirational saying...we bring it up from time to time. i just need a couple more inspiring shoves, love pats if you will, and then i should be good to go.

there's more though!

i had a conversation with an old friend after work that left me feelin' like a million and 13 bucks. this guy and i used to be the quintessential odd couple--joined at the hip in 7th/8th grade and thanks to myspace we found each other and have been able to catch up from time to time. it's crazy that he's a grown ass man with a grown ass job doing grown ass things. sadly he's been a little down and for some reason i just needed to call him and tell him that i think he's a swell human being...i don't just do this empty-heartedly either...say it only if you mean it. that's my motto! he's frickin' hilarious as all get out and just good all around. i hope he felt better after that conversation. i did. i was hoping to squeeze him the last bit of my positive powers.

then i get home and there's this lovely thank you card waiting for me from my twin and it made me uber happy. she's pretty frickin amazing at making a gal feel good. she basically squeezed some loveliness my way like i was trying to do for my buddy o' pal and it worked. lucky i am, said yoda.

i have this annoying little headache that's dancing around upstairs--havoc is at this moment partying between my eyeballs and i'm really perturbed. i must push on though. packing, straightening of the mop (aka the frizzy bush on top of my head) and some journal writing before seattle is oh-so-necessary. i'm going to seattle! i don't know why i associate this city with peace and love but i do. i just feel like the cool breezes are gonna blow thru me and knock out the bad stuff and fill me up with luck. i'm being serious. a lot of creative genius has come out of that city...nevermind that it's of a musical nature...maybe it's time seattle becomes the actor's muse. why not!

they'll say one day "who knew" and i'll say, " i knew" and then i'll smile. :)


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