i love my sundays

yes i've been a bloggin fool this weekend but so what...i'm glad the smog hasn't killed all my brain cells just yet.

i just finished watching "the jane austen book club" with the bestest in the westest, ms b. and it was dripping with relationship ish that of course you HAVE to apply to your own life--it's not a good movie unless you do so i always say.

so here's my deal--my current relationship thoughts: whether i like it or not, memories of my ex pop into my brain. the fall is my favorite time of year and i have some pretty hard core memories with him--that vile thing that we must not name-- that center around this time...we first courted in the fall, we reunited in the fall...ugh. i can be walking down the street, smell a tree and i flash back. some day a new memory will replace the ones i have, blurring all the things that are still way too clear and vivid for my liking but alas i remember for the moment and since i'm not prone to get violently drunk to forget the madness i'm stuck with a sober reality. i don't think this is a bad thing and definitely nothing for my friends and family to stress about...i think they know that. see what a really good movie can stir up!?

i'm not sad or scared though. instead i believe this fall is going to be a great one. i'll be dealing with all of these meloncholy demons from time to time that will bleed thru these darn blogs of mine but i also will be a woman of honor (jen's wedding), the daughter of a perfectly happy and whole--not divorced--family for the holidays, a model in an upcoming fashion show (october ya'll--diet time!) and a darn good bud.

i'm looking forward to it all. the buzz and infinite possibilities are enough to keep me awake on a sunday night when my butt should be in bed.

the chiefs won today...hot dog! i made a bet with a guy at work that the chiefs season would be better than the st louis rams' and guess what...rams lost today. tomorrow is gonna be a great day. GREAT!

heroes starts back up again for all of you sci fi junkies. monday i plan to hike, watch the show with my pal d and roommate and make a veggie lasagna. full days ahead--hopefully this will give me little time to contemplate those pesky relationship dramas that should be left alone and buried. : )

in case that doesn't work i always have a back up. my current list of swell things that make a gal smile:

Juicy tube lip gloss by lancome (makes you feel juicy-licious)

Kimora: life in the fab lane (a tv show my friends)

Library books

my chi flat iron

Los angeles rain

Cinnamon anything and everything

Music at your fingertips (aka my oscar)

Pillows…the world should have more.

Friends with connections to guys in the industry that could mentor me



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