Oh what a lovely thought.

The New York Times newspaper has inspired me yet again! Even the best hopefuls out there have parcels of doubt from time to time. My doubt takes the shape of a high school girl's warped mind. Yes sadly I've never really left, much to my chagrin.

I always compare an acting career to the popular crowd. That infamous group that people magically belonged to. You'd think that it was only for the rich and pretty but then some penniless fugly bloke would join the group and us reg folk would be left in the hallway scratching our regular little heads.

I always wondered if I would be left out of the acting world because people would be able to sniff me out…realize I lack that "magic popular spark" needed to join the cool group. Mind you this is a tiny thought of mine. My "acting gene" is pretty darn strong and pretty much overrides 95% of all my insecurities and fears. Thank goodness. But nonetheless there's still 5% that can leave a gal's butt twitching.

So imagine my delight when I read this article from the Times today with the quote, "the designer [mark Jacobs] who always insists that he's not cool, is how he gathers around him, season after season and year after year, a posse of all the adorable high-school outcasts who avenged themselves on the Heathers of the world by becoming famous for something, sort of".

Then it hit me…I could be one of the heather avengers! A new group for me to join that feels right…no magic pill needed…Winona Ryder you are a genius…when you're not shop lifting. Guy Trebay you're not so bad either. Thanks for the aha moment guys!


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