a gift

hee hee...guess who's feeling on the up and up.

i think i just needed a lazy saturday. my best friend texted me and had me laughing hysterically. see every christmas we do some gift theme (find the perfect book, make a cd...etc.) this year we've decided to get each other a dvd. apparently her and her fiance were sitting together the other night and he was giving her suggestions on what to pick...listing the worst guy movies i've ever watched in my life. the kind of films that radiate with gnarly testosterone...so bad that i almost peed my pants laughing so hard but of course my dear friend's fiance was being completely sincere in his suggestive manor. sigh....gotta love guys.

it flipped things around. i'm watching the flick that i plan on getting her for christmas. it's so darn good. i love this part. the getting people stuff part. her wedding's coming up and i'm working on multiple things for that...of course the woman of honor speech is in the works, an art piece for the newly weds' abode, the wedding gift (yeah yeah yeah) gifts from the heart.

whenever you're down...your car is huffin and a puffin' (chigga chigga boom boom) your girl has left ya, whatever just think of something you could do for someone else...i swear the ish works. find something personal and lovely that you know will make someone happy...it'll rub off on you somewhere in the process.

now mind you this only works with good human beings so make sure you pick someone that can appreciate some good ole fashion luv.


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