emotional thang

i ain't gotta lie to kick it. i'm an emotional gal today. i was running with my girl and i took off ahead and just let the tears start streaming. it was cold as hell up there. i fooled people with wind blown eyes...i think.

i pretty much understand that i am where i'm supposed to be for this period of time for a reason and i'm finally cool and welcoming to the fact that i need to be single for a bit. life should be good but then i see this actress i admire and used to obsess over back in high school on the hill and i got upset. so close to someone who's got what i need...i looked down at all the foot prints in the dirt and thought about how i was walking the same paths that people doing what i love walk...

so close but yet so far away.

i ran...and then i ran some more and i could have kept going if my girl wouldn't have looked at me like she was about to beat me down when i suggested we keep going. just wanted to run away

i understand that my life can't always make sense to me but sometimes this ignorance pains me and i can't hold back the tears.


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