ear drum

It's been a long time since an album has literally put a smile on my face. I popped in the new talib album, "ear drum" this morning and I found myself hanging on every dang word, laughing at times, shaking my head in agreement, turning up the volume. the dude is phenomenal at drawing you in…poets of the people... gotta love 'em.

When a brutha gets sonia sanchez to head up his intro you know you're about to hear something mindful. I don't want to build up it's affect but I must say it's put me in a rather cheerful mood.

Reminds me that there are two kinds out there in the big ole industry. Those that want to entertain and those that have ish they have to get out or they'll bust…knowledge to spit to the people. Both are swell and good to have around. You just have less of the latter.

THE industry is similar. Those that want to walk the red carpets and those that have to escape to or run to different characters—those that have to move their audiences with some personal agenda they have...or bust.

Can you guess which one I am?


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