don't spin that!

ok a small rant before i leave for work...

i'm just about sick and tired of rolling my eyes every time i hear some silly misguided actress saying they've decided to take control of their 'feminist' rights and pose nude for a men's magazine. how in the HELL is that empowering?

don't get me wrong. every one should love her body and embrace it (literally giving yourself a hug every day) but i still can't seem to find the connection to posing nude so men can lust after you. maybe if you posed nude for a woman's magazine, sort of like what jamie curtis did to show women what she really looked like and what she really loved about herself but come on...

quit spinning ish! i have a head ache. i can't roll anymore!!!

i just had a similar conversation with a woman at work. you have to figure out if you do things to get responses from others or if you do them because you sincerely want to. do you become intimate with a man because you're attracted to him and you're ready to get it on or do you do it in the hopes that it'll keep him in check? do you send someone an email of congratulations to be nice and sincere or are you trying to "nice bully" them into something?...these are important questions people.

posing for a men's mag in my opinion (nude) just means you are craving attention...not bringing attention to one of your issues and PLEASE stop using feminism as your reasons....grrr. there are people out there calling the "video vixen" a feminist. my butt is twitching.


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